Backcountry Skiing Montana

What are the best places to backcountry ski in Montana?

Montana (MT) is a large state with a huge amount of backcountry ski potential - but with over 60 different mountain ranges on nearly 150,000 square miles, how can you tell what the best places to go are? And if some of those places aren't yet "on the map" does Montana really have epic snow or huge vertical skiing like British Columbia, Alaska, or even Colorado?

To help you find your way, we released our first guidebook - the Bozeman and Big Sky Backcountry Ski Guide. This innovative guide contains detailed trip information on where to access the premier backcountry downhill skiing, alpine touring, ski mountaineering (skimo), snowboarding, splitboarding and ski touring locations in Montana, along with route descriptions, aerial photography and detailed avalanche terrain information.

To learn more please visit the Bozeman and Big Sky Backcountry Ski Guide website, or:

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